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Teach English in Cambodia

teach English in Cambodia

Cambodia TEFL Program Summary

  • 4-week TEFL certification
  • Guaranteed job in Cambodia!
  • Complimentary accommodation during the TEFL course
  • Welcome dinner and drinks
  • Around 10 others on your course
  • Monthly start dates

$1798 USD

(see www.xe.com for the most up to date conversion into your currency)

When can I start my TEFL?

Start dates for this TEFL Program are generally every month and we recommend you apply early as courses fill up fast.

Teach English and live an adventure in Cambodia

Cambodia is an up and coming destination in south east Asia. TEFL teachers earn good salaries, living costs are low, and there is so much ancient culture to explore. Cambodia will amaze you each and every day you live there.

TEFL Courses to teach English in Cambodia


Phnom Penh is the beginning of your TEFL journey in Cambodia. Based in the south centre of Cambodia, it’s the largest and wealthiest city in the country. There’s so much to see and do; temples, museums, the Royal Palace and some of the most luxurious hotels you could see.

It’s cheaper to live in Cambodia than it’s neighbours, since it’s still a lesser known destination. This is also advantageous, since a lot of the attractions and landscape are unspoilt. In the capital, there is a tempting array of foods, traditional Khmer street food, or just around the corner haute cuisine. Even at the best of restaurants the bill may bring a smile to your face, eating out is so inexpensive.

There’s something to excite everyone – for the more adventurous the north east boasts stunning scenery, wildlife, trek routes and mountain biking experiences. You can explore the famous temple of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO heritage site that brings thousands of visitors to Asia each year. Famously, Tomb Raider was filmed at the temples and in Cambodia. Another side people often aren’t aware of, is handmade silverware, crafts and artwork all sold at local markets for a fraction of the price you’d find elsewhere.

Cambodia is truly a magical place to live, and as a TEFL teacher, you’ll be helping to shape the country’s future as a thriving Asian nation.

The cost of living in Cambodia is extremely inexpensive. You can expect to spend around $500 – $900 each month on all living costs; rent, food, bills, transport and so on. Leaving you with plenty of spare cash each month to spend or save as you please.


Accommodation is complimentary, from the day before your course, until the day after you graduate. It’s a hotel close to the training centre, with your own private room and bathroom. No sharing or dorms! 


The team in country will support you in finding accommodation, close to your new place of work. Most TEFL teachers tend to share with other teachers or expats, in large apartments in the city. Shared apartments are usually quite big, with 3 or so bedrooms and clean communal areas. You can expect to spend approx $500 USD per month on your accommodation, including bills. This can vary, but is a typical price for a shared or small apartment in the city.

  • Course format

You’ll study for 150 hours in 4 weeks, with 20 hours of practicals included! It’s a full time, Monday to Friday schedule. There will be time off evenings and weekends to prepare lessons, homework and for leisure of course.

  • Teaching practices

You’ll have teaching practicals amounting to a total of 20 hours throughout the course. You’ll complete these over the weeks, so you continue to build confidence. You’ll complete these practicals in the same building as the training centre.

  • Type of assessment

You will be constantly observed and assessed throughout the your theory and practical hours. There are essays, and a final essay and exam to complete.

  • Course location and centre

The famous Riverside area, well-known for its abundant night-life, is a 5-minute walk from the training centre. Street food, decent restaurants, bars, coffee shops, laundry services and entertainment venues are all within walking distance.

  •  Requirements 

To do the TEFL course need to be at least 18 years old (although each case is considered on a case by case basis. You can also be a non-native speaker of English as long as you have a level C1 or above, which will be tested during the interview. If you have a Bachelors degree (in any discipline) you are guaranteed a job. The job guarantee is also extended to non degree holders.

  •  Job market and employment possibility

Cambodia has a large job market for TEFL teachers. Since it’s an up and coming country, there’s a huge incentive for Cambodian people to learn English.

  •  Visa Requirements

Visa information changes all the time. Most candidates enter on a pre-purchased tourist visa. Following the course and once you’ve secured your new job, you’ll be guided through the process of applying for a work permit. This is correct at the time of publication, for accurate up to date information, please email/contact us.

In Cambodia, there are jobs in private language centres, or in a primary/secondary school environment. There are opportunities to teach all ages, from kindergarten through to business English adult classes. You’ll have full support in securing the role that suits you best.

Most TEFL teachers have classes for 20-25 hours per week, and preparation time in between. The larger cities have lots more opportunities and better pay but there are jobs in more rural location too with benefits such as teachers accommodation.

Salaries are between $1000-$1600 USD per month, dependent on background and working hours. If you hold a bachelors degree (in any discipline) you can expect to earn at the higher end of that scale.


Ready to start your TEFL adventure?

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