Teach English in Costa Rica - Teaching English Abroad
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Teach English in Costa Rica

teach English in Costa Rica

Costa Rica TEFL Program Summary

  • 4 weeks TEFL certification
  • Pre-arranged accommodation, ready for when you arrive
  • Job placement assistance in Costa Rica
  • Free Spanish lessons
  • Free beach yoga classes
  • Transportation assistance
  • 10-12 per course

$1635 USD

(see www.xe.com for the most up to date conversion into your currency)

When can I start my TEFL?

Start dates for this TEFL Program are generally every month and we recommend you apply early as courses fill up fast.

Dive into the ‘pura vida’ Costa Rica has to offer

Get paid to teach abroad in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Boasting more flora and fauna than you could imagine, it’s a travellers paradise.

teach English in Costa Rica


Playa Samara is found on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste, one of the larger provinces in the country. The region is famous for it’s beaches, countryside and cultural offerings. You can take surf lessons, snorkeling, diving, horseback riding and so much more.

Costa Rica is a small nation of around 5 million inhabitants, in total! It has a strong Spanish colonial history, mixed with its’ neighbouring Caribbean influences, there are many different customs and cultures that have shaped modern day Costa Rica. The official language is Spanish, however there are over 5 national languages, one being Mandarin!

Over 25% of the country is protected land – reserves, wildlife parks and national parks. This is more than any other country in the world, but it’s not surprising, seeing as it holds more than 500,000 different species of animals alone!

The army was disbanded back in the 1940’s which really does summarise the country. Famously, it was said Costa Rica was building an army of teachers instead! The pura vida (good/pure life) cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

Salaries are usually between $800 – $1200 USD per month. In Costa Rica this is enough to live a comfortable, happy lifestyle.

The cost of living is generally the same as your income (after accounting for absolutely everything). Latin America as a continent, is known as a ’break even’ situation where it comes to income and expenditure.

You’ll find you can really enjoy all the country has to offer, as transportation, food, and entertainment come at a low cost. The main expense is your accommodation, so if you’re savvy – you’ll do well.


Housing assistance is available for everyone, and can be either in shared housing, independent living, in local hotels/hostels or with local families.

Shared housing can be with other trainees or locals in furnished houses or apartments. The prices for shared housing are from $280 to $350 (with utilities included) per person for the month for a private room.

Independent housing is in furnished houses, bed & breakfasts or apartments and can run from $400-$650 for the month.

Homestays with local families include two meals a day (breakfast and dinner), and laundry service. The family is chosen according to trainees needs and costs approximately $150 per week.


Since the main jobs are in the bigger cities, expat TEFL teachers tend to share accommodation. Rent comes between $280 – $400 USD per month generally speaking, depending on the type you choose. It’s much easier on the wallet to share an apartment than it is to rent a house alone. Most rentals are found locally, you’ll have the support of the training team and your employer to secure housing ready for your arrival at your new work place.

  • Course format

You’ll study for 160 hours over the 4 week training period. There are 10-20 hours of practicals included! It’s a full time, Monday to Friday schedule from 10:30 am to 19:30 pm, taking full advantage of Playa Samara for regular beach walks between lessons.

  • Teaching practices

You’ll teach local Costa Rican’s in the training centre, for up to 20 hours during the course. All classes are local people, who come to the training centre for free English lessons.

  • Type of assessment

You will be constantly observed and assessed throughout the your theory and practical hours. There are essays, and a final essay and exam to complete.

  • Course location and centre

The school is in downtown Playa Samara – a fantastic location for shops, restaurants and of course, the beach.

  • Requirements

To do the TEFL course need to be at least 18 years old (although each case is considered on a case by case basis. You can also be a non-native speaker of English as long as you have a level C1 or above, which will be tested during the interview. If you have a Bachelors degree (in any discipline) you are guaranteed a job. There are also opportunities to teach for non degree holders.

  • Job market and employment possibility

You have lifelong job assistance, during the training you’ll begin working with the team to secure your role, from week 2 onwards. There are plenty of TEFL jobs, mainly located in the Central Valley region of the country, around San Jose and Heredia mainly.

  • Visa Requirements

You’ll enter Costa Rica on a 90 day, visa on arrival. Following the course, your employer will assist you with renewing your visa.

In Costa Rica the majority of jobs are found in the ‘Central Valley’ region of the country, in large cities such as San Jose, Heredia and Leon.

You’ll be teaching in a language centre, so your working hours and days are flexible. There are opportunities to teach students from pre-school, to business English adults. Different language centres generally teach different ages. Language centre teaching generally consists of 20-25 contact teaching hours per week, with preparation and marking in your spare time.

The team begin working with you on securing your teaching job, from week 2 of the course, onwards. So you can be sure your needs and wishes are in good hands!


Ready to start your TEFL adventure?

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