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Teach English in Czech Republic

Teach English in Czech

Czech Republic TEFL Program Summary

  • 4-week TEFL certification
  • Support with finding accommodation
  • Job placement assistance in Czech Rep
  • On-site visa agency
  • Free grammar course
  • Large course numbers

€1,300 Euro

(see www.xe.com for the most up to date conversion into your currency)

When can I start my TEFL?

Start dates for this TEFL Program are generally every month and we recommend you apply early as courses fill up fast.

Explore the modern yet medieval culture Prague has to offer

Live and work in the historic hub of Central Europe, with it’s sensational architecture, unspoilt landmarks, buzzing nightlife and picturesque scenery.

Teach English in Czech - teachers’ salaries in the Czech Republic


Czech Republic is known as a country rich in both medieval and modern culture. Boasting castles, gothic architecture and museums for the history lovers. Infamous beer, picturesque canals, and nightlife for the more modern traveller!

Prague is situated in the north-west of Czech Republic and is the capital and largest city in the country. The city was founded during the Roman Empire, during the Gothic and Renaissance periods. It’s known to be one of the only cities in Europe not destroyed during WW1, meaning there are so many original buildings and streets to explore.

Czech Republic is known for being a political, economical and cultural hub of central Europe. It’s a really diverse country, with influences from neighbouring Germany, Austria and of course, Slovakia.  It’s a contemporary vibrant country, all whilst boasting it’s medieval infrastructure. Once you discover it, you’ll not want to leave!

Salaries are usually between €800 – €1200 Euro per month depending on how many hours per week you work. Private tuition can bump up your salary, lessons are usually paid at €20 Euro per hour.

The cost of living low in Czech Republic, around €700 per month all in, so your salary will cover your rent, accommodation, food, transport etc, and still leave money each month for travel, entertainment and trips.


TEFL students can opt to stay in the arranged housing for the duration of the course (close to 4 1/2 weeks). We offer fully furnished apartments that usually house 2-3 people per apartment. Most people prefer to share a room for the duration of the course and we will pair you up with another student on the course of similar age and gender.

The apartments contain everything you need and include WiFi, a kitchen, a washing machine (if not in the apartment then onsite) and bedding. A staff member, or one of our graduates will meet you at your apartment to show you around. Most apartments are located about 15 minutes away from the training centre.

We sometimes have the option of offering private apartments for individuals and couples. If you think you would need a private apartment, please contact us.

If you decide to arrange your own housing for the course, we recommend using airbnb.com. This is a great option for couples or friends coming in groups. There are sometimes some great deals on housing if you look in advance.

Shared rooms are €300 Euro per month. You can opt for a private room for €475 per month. Private apartments range from €699-€799 dependent on persons/location.


Depending on where you choose to teach, rent varies from €280 Euro to €500 Euro per month. Normally expats and teachers share apartments, bringing housing costs right down. You’ll be helped by your trainers at the TEFL centre to secure your long term accommodation during the course, ready for when you’re teaching English in Czech Republic.

  • Course format

You’ll study for 120 hours over the 4 week training period. There are over 14 hours of practicals included, with a range of levels to teach. It’s a full time, Monday to Friday schedule with 16 other classmates, 2 courses running concurrently. There’s a free grammar course also included with your tuition fee.

  • Teaching practices

You’ll have 14+ hours of observed practical lessons, ranging from beginner students, through to advanced levels and one-on-one business English practicals.

  • Type of assessment

You will be constantly observed and assessed throughout the your theory and practical hours. There are essays, and a final essay and exam to complete.

  • Course location and centre

The school is located in the heart of Prague, zone 1 right next to ‘Old Town’. It’s the hub of the city with everything nearby.

  • Requirements

To do the TEFL course need to be at least 18 years old (although each case is considered on a case by case basis. You can also be a non-native speaker of English as long as you have a level C1 or above, which will be tested during the interview. If you have a Bachelors degree (in any discipline) you are guaranteed a job. There are also opportunities to teach for non degree holders.

  • Job market and employment possibility

You have lifelong job assistance, during the training you’ll begin working with the team to secure your role, you’ll be contacted before the course to speak with the job assistance co-ordinator. There are plenty of TEFL jobs, and job assistance is world-wide and lifelong.

  • Visa Requirements

EU passport holders can live and work in Europe without restrictions. For Non-EU passport holders, you will need a visa to live, study and work in Czech Republic for longer than 3 months. There is an on-site visa agency within the TEFL centre that will assist all candidates in obtaining the necessary long-term visa, which allows you to live and work in Czech Republic legally.

There’s a huge amount of teaching vacancies in Czech Republic, with jobs all around Prague and other cities and towns also. Smaller cities usually pay more and have a lesser cost of living than Prague itself!

The majority of jobs are in language centres, so your hours and days are flexible. Different language centres generally teach different ages. Language centre teaching generally consists of 20-25 contact teaching hours per week, with preparation and marking in your spare time.

Other job types vary in hours, pay and schedule. There are opportunities to teach at pre-schools, high schools, one-to-one tutoring, weekend/summer camps and online too.

You’ll receive personalised job assistance, worldwide and lifelong! The team work with you to ensure you’re in the role that’s right for you, based on your preferences of location and job type.


Ready to start your TEFL adventure?

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